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Best Smart DNS ServicesCustomers who want to do more than just unblock a few TV or movie channels will find VPN service to be the most appropriate for their needs. Internet security is a major factor for many people and when Internet traffic is done through a VPN, it is much more secure and encrypted.

For consumers living in countries such as China, where geo-restrictions are the order of the day, using a VPN will ensure that your Internet provider (or ISP) is unable to track which sites you have visited. Unblocking websites or services when using a VPN is just a matter of choosing a server in a country where these websites are not blocked. For example, if a customer living in China wished to watch BBC iPlayer programs, it would be very convenient to sign up for a VPN service and use a British server, which can unblock all BBC iPlayer programs, allowing them to be streamed on a device located in China.

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La biblioteca de Disney Plus acaba de ampliarse. Con su nuevo canal Star, los espectadores adultos pueden ver programas que antes no estaban disponibles en Disney Plus, como Padre de Familia, Pretty Woman, The X Files, ¡y mucho más!

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Todos los residentes en EE.UU. pueden conseguir ahora The Disney Bundle, que incluye las suscripciones a los servicios de streaming Disney+, ESPN+ y Hulu por un precio más bajo. Asegúrese con una aplicación VPN y vea sus películas, programas de televisión y deportes favoritos de una sola vez.

Puedes acceder a Disney Plus en más de 60 países de Europa, América, Australia, África y Oriente Medio. Además de en EE.UU., Canadá y los Países Bajos, Disney Plus ya está disponible en Australia, Japón, Polonia, Reino Unido, Francia y España, por nombrar algunos.

Los servicios VPN gratuitos siempre son lentos porque no tienen una buena red de servidores. Además, los proveedores de VPN gratuitas venden tus datos para mantener su negocio. En otras palabras, con las VPN “gratuitas”, tú eres el producto.

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Roku was one of the first media player boxes to achieve popularity when it was launched in 2012. Its technology is now in its 5th generation and comes in six different forms, from lightweight and inexpensive devices to powerful players for 4K:

There are no hidden terms, contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

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By changing the server to which DNS requests are sent, it is possible to unblock content on sites that use DNS to locate users. This is called DNS proxy. A good VPN automatically replaces the DNS configuration and uses its own private DNS servers. However, very few allow you to use their DNS servers without the VPN.

NordVPN does allow it as part of the normal subscription. The service, called MediaStreamer, lets you enter NordVPN DNS addresses into your device to work with Netflix and other sites.

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The most reliable you can find, I have already bought three decos from this distributor and everything has been perfect, if I had a problem with one of them, they automatically changed it and everything was perfect.

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They have very good customer service, not only in troubleshooting, but in the technical section of configuration, they have cleared all my doubts, recommending me the device I needed to meet my needs and budget.

The second time I order and the whole process was impeccable, I was afraid that everything would arrive in good condition because it was delicate material such as a satellite dish and other items, all very well packaged and no problem, fast shipping arrived the next day, very satisfied.

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