Los torrentistas utilizan Redes Privadas Virtuales para mantenerse seguros y privados en línea, pero no todas las VPN son adecuadas para BitTorrent. De hecho, es mejor evitar docenas de VPN líderes. Encontramos múltiples problemas con las VPN que evaluamos:

OBTENGA UNA PRUEBA GRATUITA DE 30 DÍAS DE NORDVPNNordVPN ofrece una prueba gratuita de 30 días con todas las funciones si se registra en esta página. Podrás usar la VPN número 1 en privacidad sin restricciones durante un mes, lo que es genial si quieres probar los servidores optimizados para P2P por ti mismo.

NordVPN, con sede en Panamá, es nuestra mejor opción. No guarda registros de conexión ni de tráfico y utiliza encriptación AES de 256 bits con secreto de reenvío perfecto por defecto, junto con encriptación opcional de doble salto y funciones Tor sobre VPN. La velocidad es rapidísima desde que Nord introdujo su tecnología NordLynx (basada en el protocolo WireGuard) en su última versión. Por tanto, transmitir o descargar archivos pesados debería ser pan comido. La protección contra fugas DNS y el interruptor de corte automático se pueden activar en la configuración. También puedes especificar qué programas se quedan sin acceso a Internet si se corta la conexión VPN, como por ejemplo un cliente BitTorrent.


All this despite the fact that most of the programs of these features that we mention, in principle come already preconfigured so that we can start using them almost from the first moment.


Part of this inconvenience is due to the use of additional clients, programs that have to be downloaded, installed and configured. That is why, at this point, many people think that it would be much easier to download a torrent directly from the web browser. This is something that would make things much easier for these novices, or for others who do not want to use additional software.

That is why in these same lines we are going to solve this crossroads, as we will show you how you can download torrents from the browser itself. In fact, there are several ways we can take to do so, as we will see. Whether we use this type of practice occasionally or more intensively, we may prefer to do it from the browser. In fact, over time this is something that has improved greatly.


If you are looking to download torrents and have access to all the latest torrent releases, you have found the perfect place! In this article you will find an updated list of torrent sites where we will also recommend you the best torrent trackers or torrent search engines for peer to peer file sharing. Read on and don’t miss out on the torrent download sites.

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As you may well know, recently there have been many pages to download torrent releases or download content that have ceased to exist. Even the best torrent search engine where you can find your torrent releases could suddenly be eliminated, but don’t worry, we have managed to do the impossible! Here we bring you our perfect recommendations with the best of torrent releases and best torrent search engine. No fake or poor quality torrent download sites, no malware or torrent sites that never work, this is your list!

Our star recommendation is ExpressVPN: the best VPN in terms of security, connection speed and a large number of servers that guarantee unlimited traffic. ExpressVPN has been tested many times with optimal and even better than expected performance and has given results above other clients for downloading torrent releases.

How to Use uTorrent to Download Torrents

With the arrival of macOS 10.15, also called macOS Catalina, Apple removed the ability to use 32-bit applications. If your Mac has that operating system or later, it will only be able to run 64-bit applications. That is why some of the applications we show here may not work on your computer, as most developers have not adapted them yet.

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Next, we will look at some alternatives to uTorrent for Mac. Some of them have very interesting aspects that are true alternatives to Utorrent, others are a step behind a download portal known worldwide.

Bitorrent is the largest distribution network in the world, which has a free paid version and a plus version where you can buy applications from other users who have uploaded them to the Bitorrent portal. This payment can be made in different ways either by PayPal, that is, in traditional economic exchange or by cryptocurrency transactions.

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